PAGM - Proactive Management of Guest Satisfaction

Allows the hotel to be more proactive in the management of guest satisfaction. It provides a tool for the hotel to be in touch with guests to ascertain their level of satisfaction. Any shortcomings can be rectified immediately, and prior to the guest departing the hotel. All responses are recorded to allow the hotel to analyse statistics, and learn lessons which can be improved in the future.

Key Features

– Provides a prioritised and filtered list of guests to be contacted for the purpose of enquiring about their satisfaction while at the hotel.
– Records guest responses.
– Reports guest responses in a way that can easily be analysed.
– Provides the opportunity to apply a filter that ensures that only the desired guests are the ones that are identified to be contacted.


– Gives a tool to be proactive in contacting key guests while they are at the hotel.
– Affords the opportunity to correct any deficiencies reported by guests.
– Provides a chance to upsell additional services.
– Allows the hotel to demonstrate a more caring attitude to guests.

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